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Cancer Screening Promo 2017

We are pleased to inform that KPJ Kuching Specialist Hospital and all KPJ Hospitals are having a Cancer Marker Screening Promotion for RM159 for male and female from 1st of March to 31st of May 2017!

Tests include:
* Consultation with Medical Officer
* Blood Test - Cancer Marker consists of:-
- Alpha-Feto Protein: tumor marker for liver, testicles and ovaries
- CEA: tumor markers for cancer of colon & rectum
- CA 19.9: tumor marker for pancreatic cancer
- CA 12.5: tumor marker for ovarian cancer (female only)
- CA 19.9: tumor marker for breast cancer (female only)
- PSA: tumor marker for prostate cancer (male only)
* Chest X-Ray
* Medical Report

For more info, please contact us at 082-365777 ext. 850/851/105/107/108.
Promotion ends 31st May 2017.